Honey You Can Trust

At Bumblechain we are working to secure the global honey supply chain by introducing novel supply chain management tools that utilize blockchain in order to provide trust and traceability across the entire honey supply chain.



The global honey industry is facing a crisis.

The current supply chain is volatile and unstable.  Rampant food fraud, adulteration of honey products, illegal dumping and transhipping schemes around the globe are threatening the industry. Counterfeit honey poses a risk not only to consumers but destabilizes the industry, putting the livelihoods of beekeepers and global bee populations at risk.

Blockchain technology for secure honey

BumbleChain strives to create consumer trust in the honey industry by creating accountability and traceability of the honeys origins, following the honey through each step in the supply chain we ensure that importers can trust the honey they are receiving.


We use blockchain technology in combination with RFID tracking, to create a traceable account of each step of the honey supply chain - from harvest all the way to final packaging. We track both geographic location and volume of honey and record this in a public ledger, this enables us to ensure on record that the honey has not been adulterated, and that its country of origin cannot be tampered with.

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